Master the World of Options Trading

TradeMachine Pro gives you edge trading options, and we prove it with empirical data.

Rarely can a research firm claim (in earnest) that the platform that they have created provides a trading advantage that no one else has access to. We can, and you’ll see it below, in black and white, multiple times.

We just shared our remarkable findings surrounding return distribution dynamics that have shown double to triple the average trade return and you can view those below in a short video.

Gain an edge through our algorithms and AI that no other service in the world has access to; and never will.

Options Don’t Have to be Complicated

Institutional investors are taking advantage of options trading every day, yet it seems complicated and out of reach for the majority of us. That’s why our team developed TradeMachine. We’re putting the power back in the hands of every day investors that want to dominate the market.

How it Works

Option Trading provides more opportunities for growth, especially during unique market conditions like now. Experience the same tools, testing, and research thousands are using to scale their portfolio.

TradeMachine Standard:

1. Experience control over your trades: sort and filter results so you can narrow down your trades to the most profitable, solid performing options

2. Get access to our powerful “backtesting” market simulator that uncovers dozens of profitable trading strategies that are run daily against the entire market.

3. Never miss out again. TradeMachine will send you real-time alerts and changes in the market you need to be aware of.

TradeMachine Pro:

4. Take everything that TradeMachine Standard has and accelerate it forward into a new age of data – driven by our AI and machine learning. We demonstrate historical average returns that double or triple those without our new return distribution dynamics algorithms as seen in the second video. And these algorithms and methodology will never be made public.

What Sets us Apart

TradeMachine Pro is an award-winning, science-based research tool.

For the first time ever, the same research tools provided to institutional clients is now available to all, and at a fraction of the cost. We believe everyone should have expert level tools, not just the professionals.

Our team consists of industry experts and leaders who want to provide you with the best customer experience.

Meet the Capital Market Labs Team

Our Happy Clients!

 It’s a great feeling to be on the right side of a strategy.

– Anthony B

Ron Burnwood

Supreme value add. I will be a paying customer for a long time to come

Mik Q

Ron Burnwood

TradeMachine and CML Pro are freaking awesome. Surprised you guys haven’t been bought out buy some big institution for a boat load of money.

– Dharmesh P

Ron Burnwood

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