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Use this tool to find calm, low-stress stocks and ETFs and then identify the option strategies that have created a high percentage of winning trades gaining profitability slowly, while managing earnings.

Successful option trading means never guessing. We mean that literally.

Delta is roughly a measure of probability and that’s what makes option trading so magnificent.

Here is a video demonstration of the CMLviz Option Back-tester. This video will change your view of what an ‘options expert’ is and then shape your view of trading for the better, forever.
Below this video is yet a more powerful video which uncovers the entire engine behind the CML Trade Machine™ Pro, that every professional option trader would rather that you don’t see.

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The option trades and scanning engine that every professional option trader would rather that you don’t see.

We also share the great set-ups we find once a week. Stocks like BAC, AAPL, and NFLX that we mentioned at the top of the video, as well as ETFs like SPY, XLU and even the famed VXX.

You will get 3-10 new trade analyses, set-ups and ideas that are meant to further your knowledge of trading and keep you apprised of what’s happening in the market — from the mega cap tech stocks, to utilities, industrials, ETFs and indices. In fact, in your welcome email when you join, you will receive more than a dozen trade set-ups.

Who is CML?

We are Capital Market Laboratories. Our research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multi billion dollar institution as a member of the famed Thomson Reuters First Call. But while those people pay upwards of $2,000 a month on their live terminals, we are the anti-institution and are breaking the information asymmetry.

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