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And, here is a full video demonstration of the CMLviz Option Back-tester that will change your view of what an ‘options expert’ is and then shape your view of trading for the better, forever.

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(normally $199/mo)


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The option trades and scanning engine that every professional option trader would rather that you don’t see.

Multiple daily triggers on the Today Tab: The Today tab has several prebuilt technical and structural strategies which are scanned across all U.S. exchanges every 30 minutes during market hours. Once a ticker meets those technical requirements it will appear on the “Today” tab and remain there for 3 trading days (today, and two days after the initial trigger).

Community: Have you ever wanted something that felt like Twitter but without the trolls? We did too! Full of professional and non-professional traders all using TradeMachine and sharing their own backtests and triggers — the CML Community in and of itself is worth the price of admission. But, there’s only way to get access to CML Community for trading — membership has its privileges, literally.

Who is CML?

We are Capital Market Laboratories. Our research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multi billion dollar institution as a member of the famed Thomson Reuters First Call and Fcset approved analyst group. But while those people pay upwards of $2,000 a month on their live terminals, we are the anti-institution and are breaking the information asymmetry.

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